Toyán: Organic wines inside a mystic wine cellar in San Miguel de Allende

Toyan's grapes

“Mexican organic wine stands out for having ancestral notes, a unique flavor that respects pre-Hispanic agriculture and the land where the vine is planted, as well as being under the care of the female hand”, said Martha Molina, owner of the Toyán house. Located in San Miguel de Allende, this 12-hectare wine house is distinguished from More...

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conde nast
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Conde Nast’s Readers’ Choice Award survey says SMA is # 1 Friendliest City in the World

Once again, SMA comes up first in a survey conducted by a world renown travel publication. Conde Nast’s magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Award surveyed “hundreds of thousands” of people and asked More...

festival feature
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The Festival de Música de Cámara de San Miguel de Allende has been comitted for the last forty years to bring the highest quality music and music education to the city of San Miguel. Their vision is to make San More...

Luis Alberto Villarreal (Photo: asisucedegto)
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MORENA and Red Sanmiguelenses seek to contest election results in SMA

During a press conference offered by representatives of the Morena political party and ‘Red Sanmiguelenses somos‘, it was announced that during the last elections the legality was not obeyed with More...

martin in tienda
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Telling a Tall Tale

As a general thought I assumed I’ve a good grasp of words having made my fortune starting a writing company and having authored a half dozen best-selling books.  In an effort of full disclosure my grasp of words More...

can dogs
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Welcome to “Canicula”, Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer have begun and will continue for a few more weeks noted for the extreme heat and sudden increase in San Miguel de Allende’s deaths due to pneumonia (called “the old man’s friend” for More...

especial 2
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Escuela de Educación Especial de San Miguel de Allende

As what happens to many foreigners moving to San Miguel de Allende, Linda and Ron Felton were approached nearly 11 years ago by several NGO’s to olunteer time to the community. Because of their experience of more More...

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Famous Dead Model in San Miguel’s Cemetery

On a recent foray to the state of Jalisco I stumbled upon a doll of the lad from the Coco movie I thought would make a great gift for the toddler son of a nephew.  (Probably as close as I’ll get to a grandchild More...

Hacienda San José Lavista (Photo: Quirino Gutiérrez/
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Overwhelming natural beauty surrounds San Miguel’s colonial buildings and cobblestone streets

The countryside around San Miguel de Allende is made up of rolling hills, rocky mountains, and vast pasture and farms. But the real showpiece is the town itself. The historic centro is made up of Spanish colonial More...

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San MIguel’s Close-Knit Expat Community, like no other in the world

When you move to San Miguel, it’s easy to make friends and there is always something going on. The majority of expats come from the U.S. and Canada, but there are foreign residents from all over the world in town. It’s More...