Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

Beer Factory opens in San Miguel

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SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE – The makers of the local Allende brand craft beer have gone industrial, becoming officially a beer factory as of Saturday.

Municipal Mayor Ricardo Villarreal cut the inauguration ribbon for Cervecería Allende, which will start operations with five different types of brews, all of them under the Allende brand and all of them with distinct flavors.

Villarreal congratulated the mostly young investors who will start with 10 employees supervising the quality process under the aegis of master brewer Carlos Garay.

“It’s 10 more steady jobs for San Miguel de Allende, plus I’m told that 12 more employees will soon be needed for the packaging process,” Mayor Villarreal said.

Brewer Garay led the mayor and accompanying officials on a tour of  the new factory explaining the methods with which the five different brews will be marketed both in Mexico and abroad with the Allende label, which also features an image of the city’s iconic tower of the St. Michael Parish.

Villarreal thanked the investors for putting their money in San Miguel de Allende, a place that is creating a new style of industrial diversity that includes auto-parts assembly lines and now a brewery.

“I’m sure you’re going to do very well. As soon as your consumers see on your label the image of the parish, which is the emblematic symbol of our beautiful city, they will know that you’re making craft beer that boasts a lot of quality,” the mayor said.

Villarreal added that the promotion for the beer products will represent the labor of San Miguel workers. “Congratulations and have a lot of success. May your beer end up on the palates of many people all over the world.”

Mayor Ricardo Villarreal (C) inaugurates the Allende beer factory in San Miguel. THE NEWS PHOTO

Mayor Ricardo Villarreal (C) inaugurates the Allende beer factory in San Miguel. (Photo: THE NEWS)

One of the investors, Rodrigo Moncada, showed pride in opening up the small beer factory backed up by the great fame San Miguel de Allende has earned as a tourist destination.

“San Miguel de Allende has everything, it’s an incredible city. It represents the Mexico we all want. It’s got colors, a well-positioned brand name and a mixture of the traditional with the modern in a cosmopolitan ambiance,” Moncada said.

The Allende Brewery is already distributing its five types of brews in 75 points of sale throughout Mexico.

“We’ll compete with the big guys the only way possible, with better quality beers,” brewer Garay said.

One of the five beers is manufactured exclusively for export to the United States.




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