Published On: Thu, May 19th, 2016

Graffiti affects historical heritage in Guanajuato state cities

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The problem of graffiti in the cities of Guanajuato state requires action by citizens, officials say.

Ramon Ojeda Izaguirre, official of the City of Guanajuato, declared in an interview with El Heraldo de León newspaper, that it is unacceptable that irresponsible people are causing damage to historical monuments and walls of this colonial city with graffiti.

“The Department of Citizen Public Safety (Dirección de Seguridad Pública Ciudadana), must have reports and more information on graffiti in the streets of the city. Authorities must detect the perpetrators, and the citizenship must denounce and report these criminal acts”.

Graffiti in the city of Guanajuato (Photo:

Graffiti in the city of Guanajuato (Photo:

Ojeda Izaguirre said that he has been a victim of these vandals, as his private residence has been affected in more than one occasion by the graffiti.

“Actions are needed to solve this social problem, graffiti artists need places where they can express themselves through art, so they don’t damage monuments and walls. And citizens must file the proper complaints if their homes are being vandalized”.

“The municipal authorities must implement regulations and sanctions on those responsible for the graffiti. And in social terms, it is necessary to address the causes and come up with solutions,” Ojeda Izaguirre concluded .

Guanajuato Mickey Mouse graffiti (Photo:

Guanajuato Mickey Mouse graffiti (Photo:




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