Published On: Tue, May 24th, 2016

The film festival of Guanajuato will bet on virtual reality

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Sarah Hoch said the next film event that she heads will prepare Mexican directors and producers in the use of new technologies.

In June,  Sony, Samsung and Oculus will launch to the market their lines of goggle virtual reality, however, in Mexico there is little content for the new technology, so the International Film Festival of Guanajuato (GIFF) is working to take that dimension to film.


“We are restructuring the industry, focusing on new formats for the future. We will take a chance on what does not exist: the filming, post-production and budget to mount a virtual reality project, “said Sarah Hoch, director of GIFF.

For three years the festival has worked in virtual reality, last year introduced its first project with this technology, and now gives priority in preparing filmmakers who create the content in the future.

“They don’t even know how to budget , but there is a huge need for content in virtual reality” says Hoch, arguing that while video games, pilot tests and simulations are already present, now the bet is to create stories with narrative.

Compared with conventional production, filming in virtual reality increases the cost and takes longer; the advantage is that it is paid better and there is much interest from the platforms for content and even more now with the upcoming launch of specialized goggles.


“This is a festival that is taking that format seriously, you are looking for content and production of Mexican projects in virtual reality. This year there will be a kind of camp, it is a forum for filmmakers platforms, goggles, coders and programmers, to really teach them how to budget, where the cameras are achieved, how post-production is; start teaching our directors and producers the way of a project in virtual reality,”explained Sarah.

The bet will be dangerous, but the festival is ready to take risks and make mistakes just to make the great leap to new technologies.

Source: Milenio



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