Published On: Thu, Jun 30th, 2016

“A Journey to the Heart” SMA (Part 4: Traditions and Culture)

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The presentation of the tourism promotion campaign Un Viaje al Corazón (A Journey to the Heart) was officially launched on June 15. Playing with the reference to SMA as the heart of Mexico for its central location, this campaign has produced a small number of promotional videos performed by Sanmiguelense and Mexican talent.

The project was produced entirely in the city using Sanmiguelense locations, actors, human resources, scripts, and post­production. The local design office Zonagráfica, a collaborator in the Guanajuato Film Festival, was in charge of the production.

Guillermo González, Manager of the Tourist Council, was responsible for presenting this campaign to attendees, who included the Municipal Government, members of the Tourist Board, and people from the Municipal Administration.

The campaign will be visible in magazines, newspapers, television, and social networks.

The videos are divided into four tourist segments, today we present you the Tradiciones y Cultura (Traditions and Culture) video that features cultural places, galleries, arts, and crafts;


Atencion San Miguel 

Visit San Miguel



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