Published On: Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Dancing with the Tiger—forthcoming expat novel set in Mexico

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Lili Wright contacted the San Miguel Times editors to announce her forthcoming novel, DANCING WITH THE TIGER, a literary thriller set in Mexico . She lived in San Miguel for a year in 1995 and in Oaxaca in 2006, and has traveled throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. These experiences provided the inspiration for this suspenseful noir story of art and addiction. The novel releases on July 12, but is already receiving strong reviews.

“A fast-moving [and] intricately wrought thriller. Clearly written with great care, the novel plumbs the depths of love and obsession in complex  yet delicately woven themes… [a] journey of self-discovery [set] within a powerful story full of danger and pathos.”—Booklist (starred review)

dancing with the tiger

Dancing with the tiger – lili wright

A rollicking combination of art and archeology, forgeries, drug deals, and tourists, Montezuma, murder, and love.  *Dancing with the Tiger* is smart, sexy, and extremely suspenseful.   Block out some time – once you start, you won’t be putting it down.”– Karen Joy Fowler, author of *We Are Completely Beside Ourselves*
*A very brief plot summary:* When Anna Ramsey, a 30-year-old American with a history of bad choices, learns that a meth-addicted looter has dug up what might be the funerary mask of Montezuma, she books a flight to Oaxaca.
Determined to redeem her father, a discredited art collector, Anna hurls herself headlong into Mexico’s underground art world. Written in taut, lyrical prose, *DANCING WITH THE TIGER* is a riveting exploration of the masks we wear, the secrets we keep, and the revelations we owe to those we love.

Lili Wright
Professor of English

DePauw University

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