Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

La Placita on Tuesdays

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There is a special day San Miguelenses expect to shop, learn and find special items: La Placita on Tuesdays.

In this place people can find everything from orchides, flower pots, clothes, tennis shoes, merchandising of your favorite soccer team, fresh fruits, gorditas and quesadillas, carnitas, tacos and even pizzas.

The guereque for diabetes, tepezcohuite for burns, propolis for sore throat and herbs that stop stomach pains, are part of that world of a thousand things that invite us to take them all home. People from all areas, downtown, far neighborhoods and communities, come to visit this marketplace every Tuesday.


For observers that like to browse, La Placita offers the chance to enjoy a great number of shopping opportunities.

Do not be surprised with the screams of vendors calling customers, offering cheap, good, useful stuff, asking clients what do they need, what embellishes them, what to they want, what do they crave for, there is everything.
It’s just a matter of taking a walk by this place that is as picturesque as attractive.

Source: News San Miguel



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