Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2016

Media Luna, the ideal place to learn how to scuba dive

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Just 291 km (180 miles) north from San Miguel, located in Ciudad Fernandez bordering Rio Verde, in the state of San Luis Potosí, there’s  an incredible place for diving, Media Luna thermal springs.

Diving here is an excellent option, especially for beginners, since there is no dangerous fauna, no dangerous undercurrents, which makes this immersion a relaxing experience, with a beautiful underwater landscape, where there is contrast in color between the lesser deep places and the deeper ones.


(photo: stumble abroad)

The plants in the lagoon give it a very attractive color and a special touch for the photographs of the “first dive of your life.” In order to dive in this place there is a program called “Discovering Diving,” which is ideal for novices who have no experience, and where people can learn the basic tecniques for the handling of the equipment through a certified and experienced instructor, and practice in shallow waters in order to familiarize with the tools, signals and procedures under water.


Media Luna Lagoon (photo: sanluisptosidava)

This activity is so friendly that it is not required to know how to swim. Because it is a spring of thermal water the temperature of the water is so nice that you do not need to wear extra protection against the cold. To see the Media Luna in winter time in the mornings is a whole show in itself since the steam from the water rises giving a touch of mystery.

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