Published On: Sat, Jun 11th, 2016

Only 1% of Mexicans say they would vote for Trump: Ipsos poll

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A new presidential poll taken in the world’s top 25 nations shows enormous support for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, with the biggest gap between Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in Mexico, where she leads 88 percent to 1 percent.

“Globally, most citizens (57%) say they would vote for Hillary Clinton – far outstripping the number who would support Trump (13%),” said the polling organization, Ipsos in a newly released survey.

According to the survey, Trump beat Clinton only in China and Russia.

From Ipsos:

Citizens around the world feel that Clinton would have a more positive impact on specific issues including:

— The world economy (Clinton 46% to Trump 14%);

— Global peace and security (Clinton 54% to Trump 9%); an

— Issues important to their country (Clinton 47% to Trump 12%).





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