Published On: Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

Silao investigates abuse of K9 police dogs

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The two police dogs of Canino Tactical Group K-9 municipality of Silao recover after they were on the verge of death from malnutrition.

Maria Guadalupe Espinoza Corral, councilor of the Partido Verde Political Party in Silao, reported that dogs are already better.

The official demanded that the city conduct a thorough investigation of the case, noting that the dogs health was affected because their food was changed.

Corral Espinoza said the treasurer Rodolfo Guerrero Duran cut the budget for feeding the dogs, who stopped being fed croquettes Diamond premium brand.

The councilor said she requested the food of the sick dogs, who were taken to a veterinary clinic in Leon to be changed.

For his part, Mayor Juan Antonio Morales Maciel reported that the case is already being investigated to determine what happened; and he noted that a study will be conducted to determine the cause of decompensation in animals.

Silao marcha perros k-9

Morales Maciel also denied that the dogs are to be given up for adoption. “They are not available for adoption, again, they are part of a corporation and are even part of the service we are providing to citizens,” he said.

While a group of 60 people, led by elements of K-9 squad of the municipal police, carried out a protest march for the mistreatment that Hersoft and Coyote suffered.

“Animal abuse is a crime, we demand justice for K-9” it was one of the slogans of the demonstrators.

Source: UniónGuanajuato



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