Published On: Mon, Jun 13th, 2016

The most amazing way to see San Miguel is from the air

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There’s a way to enjoy San Miguel de Allende in all its beauty from 2000 feet above the ground, in one of Globo San Miguel’s Hot Air Balloons. Jay Kimball (Owner and pilot) will give you a view of SMA that you will never forget.

Their ballooning history goes back to the 1970′s in the Napa Valley. The Kimball Family discovered San Miguel de Allende in 1993 when Jay and his daughter Gretchen Kimball arrived as guests at Casa Sierra Nevada. They had been invited to come and fly here and explore the area as a potential location for ballooning.


Hot Air Balloon near The Cathedral

Now, with more than 20 years of experience flying locally and more than 35 years in the commercial hot air balloon business, they have the experience needed to make your flight safe and enjoyable.
Pilots are FAA Certified and are among the most experienced in the world. Their extensive knowledge of the area combined with their passion for ballooning, make them perfectly suited to be your special hosts for an unforgetable flight.

They also offer a unique hot air balloon experience, to celebrate special occasions, fulfilling your spirit of adventure. Globo San Miguel is the premier choice for locals and visitors from around the world.
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