Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Top pet friendly sites in San Miguel

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San Miguel community loves pets, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, terraces and parks where you can take your pets for an enjoyable day with you.

These are the best places in San Miguel de Allende to be accompained by your pets:

Located on Calle Nueva 7, this cafe is super trendy, has an organic menu, it is a funky outdoor establishment that has Pop Art decor and of course… it’s pet friendly!


Great value, cute place. La Palapa is just across the street from Cafe Rama, it has a lunch menu of tacos, sandwiches, and hamburgers. You will love the carrot cake there.


Casita de las Flores is the affordable San Miguel de Allende hotel alternative. They identify themselves as  “family friendly, pet friendly and just plain friendly friendly”


La boutique canina is a pet boutque where you can take your doggy for what it would be the equivalent of a human-spa-and-shopping-day. Treat your pet!

. They have gourmet items here that you cannot find anywhere else in San Miguel and they have a dog bar by the front door that serves water and snacks. Cheerful servers will take your order inside, and bring your items to the table outside.




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