Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Why We Will Be Driving Through Mexico for the Next Year: A Road Trip Series (PART 1)

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“Mr. Chuck Bolotin from Best places in the world to retire, started a one year trip through Mexico . This is edition number one of the series and we will be following up this initiative throughout the year.” 

The Mexican border agent took a quick look at our over-sized van and motioned me to pull over to a special inspection area.  Then, he asked me to open the rear doors.  What he saw next was a cargo area so fully stuffed that you would have a difficult time adding a tennis ball.

“I’m sorry, señor,” he said, “you either have to unpack the van to let us see what you have in all those boxes, or go to another point of entry where they have an x-ray machine.”  Given that unpacking and re-packing would probably take about 3 hours, there were no guarantee I could figure out how to fit it all in again, and it was already 90 degrees and rising where we were on the California – Mexico border, the second option seemed to make more sense.  I got back into the van, waved goodbye, and drove off to try at another spot.

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