Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

Lioness abandoned in San Miguel relocated to zoo in Moroleón

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The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) relocated a lioness captured days ago by staff of Civil Protection of the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, near the Huizachal community.

After two days, no one came to claim the animal, so in order to provide it better housing conditions, the feline was taken to the “Areas Verdes” Zoo of the municipality of Moroleón, Guanajuato.

The specimen escaped from an unknown ranch or property and wandered around free before being captured by Civil Protection staff. The lioness was kept in the premises of Public Security of the Municipality of San Luis de la Paz.


(Photo: el sol de Mexico)

This coordinated action between federal and municipal authorities, adds to the recent case in which PROFEPA and the Attorney General’s Office secured a jaguar inside a commercial location of the Central de Abastos, in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, the note was published by the San Miguel Times on June 19.

Source: El sol de Mexico



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