Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

Queretaro will receive 124 million pesos for tourism projects

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“The state of Queretaro will receive an investment of 124 million pesos for 13 tourism projects this year,  this will be accomplished through a joint venture between the state and federal governments”, said the Subsecretary of Tourism María Teresa Solís Trejo.

During the inauguration of the exhibition “Queretaro, Unlimited Experiences”, held at the premises of Punto Mexico of the Tourism Ministry in Mexico City, the federal official stressed that Queretaro is an industrial state with a large tourism infrastructure, and a huge cultural and natural richness.

“It is important that “queretanos” recognize and exploit the great potential of their heritage, through tourism industry we can support a balanced development in the state, this will benefit both tourists and the quality of life of residents in this beautiful state,” she added .

Trejo Solis announced that from January to May this year, Queretaro grew 42 percent in terms of arrivals of passengers on domestic flights from different parts of the country, highlighting the cities of Monterrey, Mexico and Cancun.

As for international flights, she continued, the Intercontinental Airport of Queretaro (AIQ) has direct connections to Dallas and Houston, in addition to that, in the same period the airport reached more than 33 thousand passengers of different nationalities.


Domínguez Servién (photo: AM queretaro)

Meanwhile, the governor of the state of Queretaro, Francisco Domínguez Servién, described Punto Mexico as an innovative concept , which, he added, breaks paradigms in tourism promotion, boosting social mobility and generating a greater economic spill in the region.

“Through Punto Mexico, more people will be able to visit Queretaro and get ready to never forget about it. Queretaro is multidestinations; It offers experiences without limits, ” he said.

After enlisting the five ‘Magic Towns’ of the state and mention the principal attraction of each one, Dominguez Servién recalled that on October 14, Queretaro will host the Third National Fair of ‘Magic Towns’, where 111 territories will participate.

Source: AM queretaro



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