Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

SMA – Hino, Japan – Redlands, California are officially “Sister Cities”

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Kristina Hernández, a staff writer for Redlands Daily Facts, published an interesting article involving San Miguel Allende – Hino, Japan – Redlands California and the Redlands Sister Cities Association. Check it out…

For decades, the Redlands Sister Cities Association has welcomed groups from communities in Japan, China and Mexico in an effort to learn more about their respective traditions and cultures.

Residents of Hino, Japan, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Linli, China, all can find Redlands on the map thanks to the association’s goal of promoting cultural awareness and understanding of others within the community.

Image: wikipedia

Image: wikipedia

“We’re one of the oldest sister cities relationships from way back when (President Dwight D.) Eisenhower started the program,” said Roy Cencirulo, the association’s president. “When our students go over there they can go to another place that’s not your home, visit and experience life somewhere else and often get a better appreciation of what you have here and conveniences they have living here.”

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