Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2016

Sylvia Stamatakis: Authentic Greek cuisine delivered to your door

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Sylvia Stamatakis, a well known cook in San Miguel de Allende, will be going to Canada on the 14th of July and possibly will stay longer than one month.

She hopes this does not upset her regular customers too much.

She will be offering soups and other items that freeze well this week and next.

German style cabbage rolls and Vegetarian/ Vegan Cabbage Rolls cooked in Sauerkraut will be back on for the 11th,12th & 13 of July. If you are planning to freeze them, let her know so she can put the tomato sauce in a separate container for easy re-heating.
She also will be sub-letting her house in Col. Olimpo with 360 degree views from her top terrace of the Mountains and La Presa. All the rooms have great views. Anyone interested it will be $325 USD for the month inclusive. It is new with 3 full baths,two bedrooms, laundry, WI/FI and TV.
Zenteno Cafe will have her Plum Kuchen as she has prepared plenty and froze them for the cafe.

If you have not tried the Plum Kuchen yet, go there and taste the fresh, tart and slightly sweet Kuchen. terrific accompaniment w/ organic coffee! Spanokopita will also be available there.


Mon. Jul. 4, Wed. Jul. 6 & Fri. Jul. 8

Organic Baby Lamb Liver*    tender, lightly corn floured, pan fried, Organic Baby Liver served w/ Briam and Roast potatoes, Dolmathes & Tzatziki   $135

Chicken & Veg Coconut Curry*    Chicken, onions, celery, green beans, broccoli, carrots in creamy organic coconut milk served over rice w/ cucumber riata salad   $125

Pastichio      ground beef, spiced & simmered in tomato sauce, layered w/ a thick spaghetti noodle & cheese, baked w/ thick Béchamel  topping, w/ Greek  salad    $125

Vegetarian Borscht*     beet, cabbage, onion, celery soup w/ potatoes served w/ organic fresh cream w/ pita chips & Organic goat Feta   (Soup is Gluten free)   $95

Borscht*    beet, cabbage, onion, celery & turkey sausage soup w/ potatoes served w/organic fresh cream pita chips & Organic goat Feta    $105

Xorta Vrasta*   steamed amaranth leaves, artichoke, zucchini & potato served w/ Olive oil, sea salt,  slice of feta,  lemon  $95

*GF denotes Gluten Free.
Ordering by phone (044) 415 111 0649 or  casa 152 0311 & by e-mail ensures you get a suitable delivery time to your door.
# Remember if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 6-10 hours please e-mail your order again or call/ text (044) 415 111 0649
Delivery is available $30 pesos within San Miguel de Allende.  Ask for prices outside of the area.
E-mail to to become a contact & receive the Specials of the Week in your inbox every week and/or check out the web page  for Weekly Specials***.



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