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San Miguel de Allende experiences a “positive greenhouse effect”

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The Canadian company Red Sun Farms, dedicated to the production of vegetables in greenhouses, will establish a farm within the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, generating more than 350 direct jobs.


Greenfarm in SMA (Photo: periodicocorreo.com)

Through the Business Coordinating Council of San Miguel de Allende (C.C.E SMA) and the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) and Services and Tourism San Miguel de Allende (SERVyTUR SMA), accountant Aurora Gonzalez Castillo, Coordinator of human resources, seeks to employ 100 people (temporary) in the construction phase and then 250 more for agricultural activities.

Ricardo Villarreal mayor of San Miguel,  said that independent companies such as Red Sun Farms, are investing in the area, and the municipality is doing its best to provide all facilities to carry out their projects.

The mayor stated that companies are interested in installing greenfarms in the SMA surrounding area, and one of the reasons is the Ramones pipeline, which is close to San Miguel. Since greenhouses require large amounts of heat in order to operate, this pipeline provides them with the necessary natural gas.

The Red Sun Farm’s Butterfly Story

The Monarch Butterfly appears on all of our labels for a reason. The Monarch Butterfly is one of nature’s greatest mysteries. With its migration path beginning in Southern Ontario, thousands of these butterflies, travel over the Great Lake Erie, through Point Pelee Peninsula in Kingsville, Ontario and on to central Mexico. The Monarch begins and ends their journey in each of our farm regions.

Representing, strength, endurance and beauty, the Monarch Butterfly is a symbol of the quality of our produce that you can rely on when purchasing the Red Sun and Golden Sun Greenhouse Produce Brand.

We want to promote the recovery of the monarch population now.  To learn more please visit our Save our Monarchs Campaign.

In addition, the mayor said that three more companies will arrive before the end of the year and the largest will generate up to 600 jobs, which will benefit the residents of the area located on the SMA-Dr. Mora road (near the Los Rodriguez community).

He also reported that companies are coming to invest around 600 million pesos in the 70 hectares of greenhouses located in this area along the road to Doctor Mora.


One of these companies mentioned by the mayor, is Red Sun Farms, which is already hiring staff for a project to cultivate vegetables, peppers and tomatoes at their 30-hectare facility.







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