Published On: Tue, Aug 16th, 2016

“Dinner in the Sky” is arriving to Guanajuato on August 18th !

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Dinner in the Sky is a Belgian based novelty restaurant service which uses a crane to hoist its diners, table, and waiting staff 150 feet into the air. Forbes magazine called it one of the world’s ten most unusual restaurants. Dinner in the Sky has mobile services available in 15 nations, with permanent operation in various cities including Paris and Las Vegas.

The latin news website states this dining experience seats a maximum of 22 persons, who are joined by the chef on the crane-lifted platform.

The food is prepared in advanced, and then perfected with a conventional oven by the staff, who stay in the center of the table, on the platform. “When it’s being lifted up, if you turn your head down, it can be a little scary,” said diner Yuri Espinoza to BBC. “But once you’re up there, it doesn’t move at all. Everything is amazing, The wine, the food, the staff and the chef’s performance.”



According to online reviews, patrons are advised to not wear heels and sandals, as there is a risk of the footwear falling off.

Suffice to say, this experience is not for those who have acrophobia (fear of heights), as the seats rotate 360 degrees to offer views of the surrounding area, in addition to be harnessed 150 feet in the air.

A 130-ton crane and a 8-ton platform with a kitchen is used to create this “aerial restaurant”.

“What we sell is an experience, people getting off and saying ‘wow’. That thing that only unique experiences can provide,” said Joan Cordoves, one of the businessmen behind the restaurant.

Dinner In The Sky is part of a group called Events In The Sky, which can plan weddings, concerts, theatrical plays and even golf tournaments.


From August 18 to 28, at  Caminos D’ vinos , the most beautiful gastronomic experience will be held in the state of Guanajuato and chef David Quevedo Olvera will be the caterer in charge of this incredible “elevated” meal.



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