Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

“Queretarolandia” will promote family values and animal protection

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Queretarolandia Official Logo (Image: Google)

Queretaro. – The mayor of Queretaro, Marcos Aguilar Vega, confirmed that “Queretarolandia” will be developed within the city’s Bicentennial Park, aiming at positioning this new recreational park among the top five in the country.

Aguilar said a study will determine the cost and time of execution for this project, which was a campaign promise for citizens, so they could have a space for family integration.

“Queretarolandia” will emerge as a children’s center, where they will learn about 70 different professions, the value of work, and the importance of animal protection, among other basic values. During his political campaign, the mayor said that the amusement park will be built on a 20 thousand square meters space with an investment of 320 million pesos (16.84 million USD).

In this sense, Aguilar Vega, and the Bicentennial Park Council, determined that the “ideal” area to accommodate this big magnitude project is the 97-hectare empty lot within the premises of “Bicentennial Park” .


(Image: Google)

The Bicentennial Park of Queretaro is currently in 11th place among the best recreational parks in Mexico, however, the mayor acknowledged that “we need to expand the recreational offer in order to become one of the top five amusement parks across the country.”

The mayor said that the name of Bicentennial Park will remain the same, and “Queretarolandia” will feature its own infrastructure within the park.


The Bicentennial Park covers an area of ​​97 hectares (Image: Google)

It is noteworthy that Marcos Aguilar Vega, as a candidate for mayor mentioned that his government will obtain the necessary federal, state, municipal and private initiative resources in order to develop this new project, and it looks like he will make it happen.




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