Published On: Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

“Violence Prevention and Social Participation Fair ” will help to eradicate violence and insecurity

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San Miguel de Allende, Gto.- On Monday, August 29 for first time in the municipality, the Ministry of Public Security, Municipal Transit and Civil Protection (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública, Tránsito Municipal y Protección Civil) through the department of Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation (área de Prevención del Delito y Participación Ciudadana) and the collaboration of Secretariat of State Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública), have organized the “Violence Prevention and Social Participation Fair 2016”.

Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Public Security, Municipal Transit and Civil Protection, declared that the goal of this important fair is to prevent young people participation in criminal activities, teaching them how to avoid crimes or accidents, how to work as a society and strive to be dedicated, educated and guided in the right direction.


Erick Santillana, a Federal Police Officer with high school students in SMA (Photo:

Meanwhile, Erick Santillana, Federal Police Officer, said: “young people must be ready whenever they are in situations that can put their lives in danger. Today, these young students will be instructed in security issues.”

During the event at “Fuego Nuevo” High School, students were able to see authorities at work on prevention matters. Santillana addressed the children: “These kind of programs are very productive, you are very fortunate that authorities are here today to show you how to take care of yourselves”.

Finally, security authorities mentioned that they are committed to promote a “Culture of Prevention” and requested all students to acquire the necessary knowledge, in order to prevent risk situations of any kind.

Different activities, workshops and discussion forums aimed to raise awareness among one thousand SMA students, were imparted by the following agencies and institutions: Municipal Transit (Tránsito Municipal), Public Security (Seguridad Pública), Civil Protection, Fire Department, Red Cross, the State Council for Sport Promotion (Consejo Estatal para el Fomento Deportivo CAISES), IMAM, Social and Human Development, Federal Police, DIF, Counselling Center for Addictions, Youth Care Municipal Institute (Instituto Municipal de Atención a la Juventud).




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