Published On: Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

Men allegedly responsible for explosions captured in Guanajuato

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On Friday September 9, Guanajuato’s State Prosecutor, Carlos Zamarripa announced that suspects allegedly responsible for placing explosive artifacts in Abasolo and San Miguel de Allende, have been arrested on charges of terrorism.

Zamarripa said that a few days ago, one person was detained, allegedly responsible for the attacks to a brewery and a grocery store in Abasolo on Monday, Aug. 29 and Friday, Sep. 2, in which a total of eight people resulted injured.


In the municipaity of Abasolo, masked men threw explosives at a brewery and a grocery store. Eight people were injured as a result of the explosions. (Image:

The suspect, identified as Baltasar Guadalupe “N” was taken before a judge of the Supreme Court in Penjamo, in order to begin with the legal procedure.

State Prosecutor, Carlos Zamarripa declared: “On Friday, Sep. 9, the Criminal Investigation Agency (Agencia de Investigación Criminal) identified a person as responsible of throwing explosive artifacts on two businesses located in the muncipality of Abasolo. It has been proven that this man is responsible for the two events, therefore, a warrant was executed in order to begin a judicial process against him”.

“Baltasar Guadalupe will be charged with terrorism, damage and injuries. When the man was arrested he was found in possession of another homemade explosive device inside his car”. The State prosecutor said during an interview in Irapuato, Guanajuato.

On August 11, Federal Police agents detained two individuals that allegedly carried a home-made, controled by remote electronic explosive device inside their vehicle in Pénjamo, Guanajuato. (Photo:

Meanwhile, in San Miguel de Allende three suspects have been arrested in relation with the latest incidents involving explosives.

One man was linked to judicial process, who is allegedly responsible for the detonation of a homemade grenade inside “El Sótano” bar in San Miguel de Allende on Saturday August 6.

And two others were arrested as it is presumed they are reponsible for the explosion occured on Monday, September 5, in downtown San Miguel, that resulted in three people injured, as well as damages to several businesses and motor vehicles.

The modus operandi used in these two criminal acts, is quite similar. However, authorities say the two inicdents are not necessarily linked. According to witnesses: Masked men placed black bags with artifacts in front of the downtown bar, and moments later, the bags exploded“.

On Monday, September 5, after explosion occured at bar in SMA, Civil defense personnel, Red Cross paramedics and firefighters arrived on scene to conudct the proper investigation, treat the injured and to help some senior citizens who suffered nervous breakdowns. (Image: Google)

Finally, the Prosecutor said:”Investigations continue in order to locate anybody else who could be involved in these incidents. In fact, the case is still open”.

When asked if these kind of criminal acts could be carried out again, Zamarripa responded that he hopes no more of these acts will be registered in the state ever again”.

“Guanajuato maintains a constant combat against criminal groups”.


(Image: Google)

In response to information which reflects an increase in high-impact crimes across the state in recent months, the Prosecutor assured that Guanajuato is below the national crime rate average, and that municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies are collaborating in order to stop this situation.

He said: “Official statistics are issued by the National Secretariat of Public Security. It places Guanajuato at number 13 in these kind of incidents. My job as a prosecutor is to fight crime, and that is exactly what I am doing”.

“The state of Guanajuato maintains a constant combat against criminal groups” the State Prosecutor, Carlos Zamarripa concluded.





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