Published On: Tue, Sep 27th, 2016

Mineral de Pozos, a town of haunted haciendas!

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The magical and charming town of Mineral de Pozos features cobbled streets, historic haciendas and mine trails that invite visitors to live a time-travel adventure.

This beautiful and peaceful destination is known for the tranquility of its streets and its beautiful landscapes, which allows tourists to immerse themselves in an incredible atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Among the main to-do’s in Mineral de Pozos we have a place known as “Ciudad Porfirio Diaz”, with XVII century haciendas that show how the mining bonanza impacted that region, in times when Mexico lived an economic glory.

One of the most striking highlights in the area is the “Hacienda Los Cinco Señores”, whose name refers to the number of landowners that owned property in this place.

“This hacienda dates from the early 1600s, Jesuits established a convent here” said Isaias Alvarez, local tourism promoter.

The tour of this historic site includes a visit to the smelters and the exit through which the miners went through to go back home after a hard working day in the mines.

Just a few minutes away, lies “the Hacienda Triángulo”, with its engine room where big metal furnaces brought by train from Pachuca, Hidalgo can still be found today.

For those adventurous, the historic journey can continue inside the mines with the help of an expert. Visitors can descend to lower levels where many years ago, hundreds of miners worked hardly.

All of those places are full of Mexican traditions, history and mysterious legends. Spaces where tourists can go hiking or cycling with Mission Bike Tour packages.

“We have the Silver Rocks (Rocas de Plata) track, which features beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert levels; the track is 23.5 kilometers and the route is chosen depending on the level of the rider,” explained Isaias Alvarez, also owner of Mission Bike Tour.

Since Mineral de Pozos was appointed as “Magic Town” four years ago, tourism activity has grown significantly in this destination.




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