Published On: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

VIDEO: Guanajuato train lootings in broad daylight

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On September Saturday 17 and Sunday 18, two actual train lootings were caught on video in the municipalities of Salamanca and Celaya, Guanajuato state. In both cases, the trains were transporting home appliances and other items.

Whole families participated in these robberies, including children, in both cases the outer brake was used by local residents to stop the train and ransack the freight wagons.

On Saturday September 17, robbers looted the first train in Salamanca. A preliminary police investigation report says that, while the train was stopped, several people opened the railroad containers using axes and managed to take home appliances, mostly refrigerators.

The train was heading to Mexico City, reaching its destination with no more than 30 refrigerators.

In effect, Federal Police officers started a search operation looking for the responsibles, but no arrests were reported.

Meanwhile, residents of Salamanca caught the thieves on video and posted the footage on social media networks. Several looters are seen carrying big cardboard boxes (allegedly containing refrigerators) and placing them inside their vehicles.


Looters placing a brand new refrigerator inside their truck in Salamanca, Guanajuato (Image: Google)

Second looting in Guanajuato

On Sunday September 18, another massive theft took place at “La Guajalota” neighborhood in Celaya, Guanajuato.

Approximatelly twenty individuals were involved in this robbery, according to witnesses, these men used machetes and axes to break into the train wagons, in order to steal the merchandise.




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