Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

3 executed in San Miguel, including a former police officer

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On Tuesday, October 18 at 11 am, three persons, including a former police officer, were executed inside a house during a gunfire at Santo Niño neighborhood, in Allende community, San Miguel de Allende.

The information regarding this criminal groups related execution is:

A 46-year-old ex-police officer, named Jesús Salinas Martinez, and who was allegedly fired due to drug trafficking allegations in 2015.

Salinas Martínez’ wife, 40-year-old Maribel Martínez, and 26 year-old Carmen, relative, were also gunned down.

At the crime scene, law enforcement officers found marijuana, although the amount has not been specified yet. Likewise, traces of white powder were found, allegedly cocaine residues. Concluding that Jesus’ house was being used as a drug dealing point of sale.

According to witnesses, shortly before the attack, two men were seen hovering near the house, and moments later gunshots were heard.

Next door neighbors immediately called Central Emergency Number 911, and minutes later, Municipal Police Officers arrived onsite and began a search operation looking for the suspects. With the collaboration of two Mexican Army units, the Allende community was patroled by foot and by car, closing the streets for at least three hours.

So far, no arrests have been reported.

Muncipal Police and an ambulance arrived onsite, minutes after gunshots were reported (Photo:

Muncipal Police and an ambulance arrived onsite minutes after gunshots were reported (Photo:

Finally, residents of the Allende Community declared that Jesus’ house was well known as a drug dealing point, and that everybody in the neighborhood knew the deseased was a drug dealer.




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