Published On: Fri, Oct 28th, 2016

An adventure on the “Guanajuato’s Tequila Route”

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Art Kramer, veteran travel writer, posted this wonderful descriptive article on one of the world’s most recognized travel websites Travel Pulse, check it out…

Dare to live this unique experience — braver souls drink it straight, while others accompany it with salt and lime or mix it in a cocktail. Guanajuato has created the Tequila Circuit, a route that will take visitors on an indulgent journey where they will learn everything about this legendary Mexican liquor.

As part of the circuit, visitors will have the opportunity to bring their tequila tasting prowess to a whole new level, appreciating all of its components and flavors.



At the end of the tour, visitors will be able to understand the process of making tequila, from cultivation, harvesting, milling and baking, to fermentation, bottling, the aging and tasting.

Along this route, you can admire majestic blue agave plantations and learn the highlights of this delicate alcoholic beverage, recognized as a symbol of national identity: When one thinks of Mexico, tequila definitely comes to mind.

The Tequila Circuit will take place in the Penjamo municipality, to the southeast of Guanajuato. The route includes stops at the Tequilera Corralejo tequila house (with a beautiful hacienda and museums on site), El Rancho San Fernando, El Rancho Coyote and Bodegon de la Dolce Cita.




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