Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

Querétaro waiter furiously punches female customer

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A video portraying a waiter cowardly punching a woman repeatedly on the face, went viral on social networks.

The situation took place at “La Guelaguetza” restaurant, located on Constituyentes Avenue in the city of Querétaroduring the early morning hours of Sunday, October 30, when the waiter and the aggrieved female customer engaged themselves in an angry discussion, that ended up turning violent to the point of brutal physical aggression.

The 27-second video (taped by a customer), shows that actually three waiters of “La Guelaguetza” restaurant were arguing with the woman and trying to hold her up against a wall.

Then, the three men can be seen jostling the woman, and seconds later, she brakes free, and that’s when one of the workers who was wearing a surgical mask, punched her in the face three times.

Jose Abel Gonzalez, one of the locals who filmed the extraordinary scene, said: “I wanted to hit the waiter who assaulted her and several of the customers confronted him too, but the whole thing got a bit heavy”.

“The waiters got together and the taco chef threatened us with a machete and so we decided to leave the eaterie”.

“The woman was drunk and she had previously insulted a female waiter and broken some plates and had been pushing everyone who tried to calm her down; but to punch a woman in the face is a coward action and totally unacceptable under any circusntance,” González said.

Immediately, users of social networks started condemning this regrettable aggression against a woman. And a few hours later, officers of the Attorney General’s Office of Querétaro detained three employees of “La Guelaguetza”. However, it is believed the main attacker was not among them.


Police Officers arrest restaurant staff (Facebook)

According to “El”, Crime Investigation Police officers (PID – Policía de Investigación del Delito) 10 workers’ Guelaguetza were consigned to the authorities, in order to give their statement before the Attorney General.




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