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“Tequila Tasting Room” by Casa Dragones, a unique experience in San Miguel

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According to the San Luis Potosí based news website “Sin Embargo”, “Casa Dragones” opened a new “Tasting Room”, an exclusive bar where everyone will be able to taste the most exquisite tequila and cocktails prepared at the moment. The lounge bar named Dôce 18 is located in a renovated historic colonial building that includes many attractions, such as luxury boutiques, designer shops and restaurants, right in the heart of downtown San Miguel de Allende.

Currently, the independent tequila company “Casa Dragones” is collaborating with the acclaimed international firm “Meyer Davis”, known for its tailored design architecture specialized in creating unique intimate atmospheres.


The world’s smallest tequila bar designed in collaboration with Meyer Davis (Image: sinembargo.mx)

Casa Dragones Tasting Room” is a multi-faceted tribute to the great tradition and ceremony of drinking tequila, and a celebration of Mexican artisan excellence,” said Will Meyer, member of Meyer Davis.

Meyer continued: “This space is designed for the ritual of tasting and captures the idea of ​​coming together to celebrate life. The architecture literally embodies the essence of Casa Dragones and allows us to understand the importance of this product and its process through all your senses, creating personal experiences. “

“What we seek with “Casa Dragones Tasting Room” is to express our love for the Mexican crafts, as the modern tequila company that we are, and our commitment towards showcasing the great Mexican talent,” said Bertha González Nieves, cofounder and Casa Dragones’ CEO.

She said that: “It is a pleasure to collaborate with Meyer Davis and Gloria Cortina to create a space that connects everyone with the Tequila’s terroir in Jalisco and invites you to discover tequilas. We are also very excited as many Mexican and international mixologists will accompany us in the coming months.”


Tequila Casa Dragones (Image: sinembargo.mx)

The inspiration for the Tasting Room of “Casa Dragones” emerged from a deep desire to show its identity as a Tequila Company.

At the same time, we want to make the audience live a sensory experience with tequila, that transports them to the roots of this elixir. The terroir was incorporated into space by using obsidian, the iconic Mexican rock that abounds in the agave fields of Casa Dragones.


(Image: sinembargo.mx)

The well-known Mexican interior designer Gloria Cortina contributed through her experience in working with obsidian for making the four thousand mosaics used by Meyer to decorate the walls and ceiling of the Tasting Room.

Gloria Cortina and the Casa Dragones’ team have toured the Transversal Volcanic Axis (Tequila, Jalisco) in order to collect large obsidian stones, and with a careful process, they transformed the obsidian in iridescent mosaics, depicting the rich soil in which Casa Dragones’ agaves are harvested.

The Casa Dragones’ Tequilas are produced in Jalisco, but the spiritual home of the brand remains in San Miguel de Allende.

The company name is inspired by the legendary Dragons of San Miguel de Allende, a cavalry squadron elite who participated in the Mexican war of independence, back in the XVII century.

 “Casa Dragones” is a two hundred year-old elegant residence carefully restored and strategically located in the heart of the historic center of San Miguel.

The tequila tasting room simply breaks barriers in this kind of industry, in its a living testimony of the independent spirit of Casa Dragones.

“Casa Dragones Tasting Room” is open to the public (with previous reservation) for professional tastings. People may reserve to try exotic and classic cocktails prepared by local and guests mixologists.


(Image: sinembargo.mx)

For reservations send an email to: [email protected]


Boyer Meat Restaurant in New York by Meyer Davis (Image: meyerdavis.com)

About Meyer Davis

Meyer Davis is a globally recognized New York City-based design boutique specializing in residential, hospitality, retail, and workplace environments.

Founded in 1999 by Will Meyer and Gray Davis, the firm has established itself at the forefront of high end commercial and residential design practices, throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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