Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

1st International Muralism Meeting in Celaya

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Ramón Lemus Muñoz Ledo, Mayor of Celaya, struck the symbolic “first brush” with blue paint on a wall, to officially inaugurate “the 1st International Muralism Meeting“, called “Museum without borders (Museo sin fronteras),” where 80 muralists from 15 countries will paint 50 murals in different parts of the city during this week, in order to send a message of unity among all people, making Celaya a “friendly city”.

Under the bridge of “Irrigación”, next to the Celaya Technological and Sports Center, the mayor thanked the artists from Argentina, Peru, Chile, Portugal, Panamá, and Mexico, among other nations, for sharing their vision of Celaya, and for their participation in this international event, organized by Paco Cano, head of the Celaya’s Municipal Institute of Youth (Instituto Municipal de la Juventud de Celaya).

He emphasized that: “with these murals, we can break down the borders, and to be more inclusive, we do not want walls, we want bridges, because bridges allow different cultures to be united and to understand each other, while the walls isolate”.

Raul Orozco, President of the International Movement of Muralists “Italo Grassi”, thanked mayor Ramón Lemus Muñoz Ledo’s hospitality and appreciated Paco Cano’s invitation.

Orzoco said that: the 50 murals that will be painted during this week, will represent a great challenge for the Latin American muralists community.


Photos by Fósil y Josue Maurilio Montes De Oca Reyes

“We have a great challenge to create a friendly city through the harmony of colors; important urban buildings  will be featuring our works of art, and the artists are going to leave a part of their culture in a distant country,” he concluded.




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