Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

Guanajuato connects with the fight against Breast Cancer

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Silao, Guanajuato. “Guanajuato state participated in the Commemoration of the “World Day of the Fight against Breast Cancer” last month, promoting the Campaign “Give yourself a Hand” (“Date una Mano”) in order to prevent and detect this disease”, declared the Governor of Guanajuato state, Miguel Marquez Marquez.

“My message is very clear, we have to work harder in breast cancer prevention, promoting a culture of self-exploration among the women of Guanajuato, where currently, we have 12 mastographers in different locations. Guanajuato is below the national average regarding breast cancer, ” Marquez said.

Accompanied by Secretary of Health Francisco Ignacio Ortiz Aldana, and the Mayor of Silao, Juan Antonio Morales Maciel, Marquez Marquez continued: “We are constantly strengthening the fight against breast cancer with more specialized equipment and software”.


The 12 mastographers are located in the following hospitals: General Hospital of Guanajuato, General Hospital of Dolores Hidalgo, General Hospital of San Miguel de Allende, Maternity Hospital of San Luis de la Paz, Maternity Hospital of Celaya, General Hospital of Acámbaro, General Hospital of Salamanca, Bicentenary Hospital of Valle de Santiago, General Hospital of Irapuato, Maternity- Infantile Hospital of Irapuato, General Regional Hospital of León y Maternity-Infantile Hospital of León.

In addition, two more mastographers will be installed in the General Hospitals of Silao and Uriangato.

For this year, our goal is to carry out 41,341 mammographies and 85,956 clinical breast examinations, seeking to identify 2,067 patients with breast cancer related injuries.

The ​​Oncology area of the Regional Hospital of León and High Specialty Hospital in the Bajio region, conduct at least 3,000 to 5,000 mammograms and around 90,000 clinical examinations per year.

“Guanajuato is one of the states with the best health care, and we will improve the service to all citizens, with the operation of the new Regional Hospital of León, as well as other hospitals in different communities within the state, such as Las Joyas, Pueblos del Rincón, Romita, CAISES of Silao, San Miguel de Allende and San Luis de La Paz, “Marquez concluded.





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