Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2016

Guanajuato students launch school project satellite to outer space

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GUANAJUATO, Gto .- Students from Guanajuato launched a satellite into space as part of a project planned for more than two years, featuring several schools that belong to the “Advanced System of Higher Education and Higher Education” (Sistema Avanzado de Bachillerato y Educación Superior SABES ), under the guidance of Eduardo Guizar, NASA’s promoter of robotics and science workshops.

26 students, four teachers, one administration worker and two instructors who are experts in the field are involved in this project.

SABES Satellite was launched to rise up to 100,000 feet and get beyond the stratosphere into a part of outer space called “Near Space”. It was driven by a latex probe charged with helium gas. It will transmit audio, video and data.



This satellite is equipped with High Full Definition and photographic video cameras, special batteries, audio and video radio transmission system, antennas, GPS, recovery parachute, and while remains in space it will be used for educational school projects and scientific experiments.

Besides, it can resist extreme temperatures of more than minus 60 degrees Celsius and high speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour, transmitting audio, video and data in real time.

Finally, the satellite will allow students to carry out experiments in physics, chemistry, mathematics, electronics, biology and wide-format photography, among other assignments, which makes it officially achieve the category of “amateur satellite”.




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