Published On: Tue, Nov 15th, 2016

New interstate transportation system projected between Querétaro and Guanajuato

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The state governments of Guanajuato and Querétaro are projecting the first suburban interstate public transportation system in the region, which will have its first terminal at the “Balvanera” industrial park in Corregidora, Querétaro, and will start operating in June 2017.

This innovative inter-municipal transportation project is expected to cover from León to Querétaro, according to the Governor of Queretaro, Francisco Domínguez Servién.

“There’s already a “suburban transportation mobility system” operating in the state of Guanajuato, connecting Celaya with Apaseo el Alto, and now the idea is to extend this route all the way to Querétaro”, the governor continued.


Optibus transportation system in Leon, Guanajuato (Photo:

“Today, most workers spend 20 percent of their salaries in transportation, to get their workplaces, and the intention is to allow them to save time and money”, Domínguez Servién added.

He also pointed out that the Querétaro Industrial Park and Benito Juárez will benefit from this new public transportation system.

The Governor explained: “in the first stage, Querétaro, Corregidora and El Marqués industrial parks will be connected with Guanajuato, but we will continue working to expand this system all the way to San Juan del Río”.

He emphasized: “The new Toyota automotive plant in Guanajuato has triggered this new transportation project along our two states, and companies located in Queretaro will be able to supply the new Toyota plant in Apaseo el Alto”.

Domínguez Servién concluded that the Toyota corporate offices are located in Querétaro, and that will allow a greater synergy between supplying companies in both states, to work with Toyota .




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