Published On: Thu, Nov 17th, 2016

Olio Fino Tasting Room, a Mediterranean experience you will never forget

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A visit to the “Olio Fino Tasting Room” redefines what you think about olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The first thing you need to notice about Olio Fino is their slogan “the value of the authentic” (El Valor de lo Auténtico).

In a market full of olive oils that pretend to be “extra virgin” and where the wine vinegar is sold with coloring caramel as a “balsamic aged”, a visit to the Olio Fino shop in San Miguel de Allende will completely change your appreciation for the authentic flavor of Olive Oil  and Balsamic Vinegar.

But probably what makes the experience so special, is the “Olio Fino complimentary tasting set” featuring an exclusive selection and full information about the products offered, including the multiple health benefits, rich combinations and a number of ideas of how to use oil and vinegar everyday in your own kitchen that will give you a whole new perspective on Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Aged Balsamic Vinegars & Gourmet Foods.

You will be stunned by the huge selection of varieties and flavors, and you will find many products that you will love. Olio Fino offers up to fifty different types of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The tasting tour at Olio Fino will literally transform you, as you taste their exquisite aged balsamic from Modena, Italy. Unlike the acidity and bitterness of commercial vinegars, the taste of this balsamic is really sweet, delicious and concentrated with a slight acid touch that fades away when it is combined with oil.

Among the selection of dark and white balsamics, the flavors range from red fruits like raspberry and strawberry, to citrus fruits like grapefruit and mandarin, to the most exotic ingredients such as chocolate and honey-ginger.

Olio Fino Tasting Room offers several gourmet products, such as:

  • Oils
  • Olive
  • Gourmet Line
  • Balsamic
  • Gourmet Spiced Oils

To buy these outstanding products online all you need to do is click here 

  • They take VISA, MasterCard or PayPal
  • You can contact Olio Fino at
  • Phone: (415) 152 3946 or (442) 219 1375

Or visit one of their shops:

logo-oliofinoSan Miguel de Allende

  • Address: Zacateros 83 A Colonia Centro, Guanajuato.
  • Phone: (415) 152 3946

logo-oliofinoMéxico City

  • Address: Colonia Condesa Fernando Montes de Oca No. 81
  • Phone: (55) 5264 3111


  • Address: Plaza Paseo Quintana, Blvd. Bernardo Quintana 4607, Alamos
  • Phone: (442 ) 245.03.81




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