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TerraCycle: 7 years of recycling the non-recyclable!

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TerraCycle celebrate seven years of operations in Mexico.

Each year 5 billion tons of waste are generated worldwide, of which only 20% is recyclable. The remaining 80% ends up in dumpsites as happens most of the time in Mexico or are burned and used as fuel in the case of some European countries.

Two major difficulties face recycling as it is now conceived: excessive waste is generated and it is composed of materials that are too complex. Some food wrappings contain up to 20 different types of plastic. So, despite the good faith we have as citizens, most of what is recycled cannot be used again, even though we believe opposite.

The initiative of a young Canadian has given a turn to this dynamic in recent years. Tom Szaky, a student at Princeton University, founded TerraCycle, Inc. and began producing organic fertilizers by bottling “liquefied earthworm excrement” in used soda bottles. From this unpromising start, TerraCycle has become one of the fastest growing green companies in the world.


Today, TerraCycle is a well-known international company of supra recycling and recycling that collects wrappings and products difficult to recycle and transforms them into innovative and economic products. TerraCycle is widely recognized as a world leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable postconsumer waste.

In September 2016, TerraCycle Mexico celebrated its 7th anniversary by collecting and recycling waste around the Mexican Republic; Having said this we left a reminder of how we can become collectors within the country and not only contribute to the best of our environment but also reward other nonprofit association.

How does it work?
The operation is organized into programs, each focusing on a particular difficult-to-recycle product such as soap wrappers, bread bags, cookie packs, snack bags, oral care products, and sweet bread wraps. These wastes can be collected in boxes of any size for collection.

TerraCycle pays all shipping costs, once the waste is shipped to the company, the collector adds money to an individual account ($ 0.25 per pack), which is donated to philanthropic organizations, schools, and community programs. Garbage collected (wrappers, envelopes, tubes, etc.) is converted into wallets, purses, backpacks or bags, which are manufactured by third parties and marketed by the company.


How to become a Collector?
Several waste collection teams have been put to work in the different programs of TerraCycle (26,862 people around Mexico).

The dynamics to start is very simple; you should go to www.terracycle.com.mx and choose the collection programs that go from snack bags to oral care products, once this step is started with the collection, the collectors can see through the Page the points that are accumulating and in this way turn them into money for the organization of your choice.

A great advantage of these programs is that collectors can register any non-profit association, school or church in their community to directly witness the benefits of their donation.

The most recent donation amounted to $409,936.74 pesos ($20,ooo USD), and some of the associations that have benefited are the following:

1. APANICAL (Association of Parents of Children with Cancer and Leukemia) – Located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, has received $135,360 pesos.
2. High School 20 Juan F. Escamilla– Received $ 22,999 pesos, this school is located in Monterrey, Nuevo León.
3. Francisco I. Madero School– In Mezquitic, Jalisco received $20,029 pesos.
4. Operation Smile-In Zapopan, Jalisco received $ 16,185 pesos.


1) Register on our webiste 2) Choose your recollection program 3) Organize your recollection team 4) Start recollection work 5) Send you recyclable material to Terracycle 6) Obtain points and turn them into donations (Image: Terracycle)

And you… do you dare to do something for the environment?
TerraCycle began as an organic fertilizer company and has become one of the strongest organic products in the world. Tom had the dream of finding a new way to be responsible with the environment, to benefit the planet, the people and his own business.

The new generations have greater awareness and concern about the use and future of natural resources, however there is still a long way to go, and it becomes necessary for the Mexican population to do its part to make the planet a more sustainable place. If we do not start a change today, who will?

TerraCycle México

  • 01 800 681 15 89
  • Las Limas 131, Colonia Los Naranjos Monterrey, Nuevo León,MX 64858
  •  Tel: +52 81 81853084

Source: www.terracycle.com.mx

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