Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

Woman files complaint against Guelaguetza’s Taco Chef

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Querétaro’s Attorney General, Alejandro Echeverria reported that: “in the night of Monday October 31, the woman, who was punched by a furious waiter at “La Guelaguetza” restaurant, came to testify and file a formal complaint against her attacker”.

According to the prosecutor, the woman, whose case was portrayed on video, and went viral on social networks, attended before the prosecutor, and immediately a physician certified her health status and the type of injuries she suffered.


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The officer declined to give details of this lamentable case or the name of the woman, and simply noted that: “she gave testimony of the facts, mentioned the names of the people that accompanied her and filed a complaint against the waiter who assaulted her.

According to José Abel González, who filmed the regrettable scene, and posted it on his Facebook profile, “the day of the incident, the woman wanted to assault a waiter, and then other waiters got together, the attacker punched her in the face, some of the people there tried to help the victim, and the taco chef threatened them with a machete and so they decided to leave the eaterie”.

“The woman was drunk and she had previously insulted a female waiter and broken some plates and had been pushing everyone who tried to calm her down; but to punch a woman in the face is a coward action and totally unacceptable under any circusntance,” González said.


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On its Facebook fan page, ‘La Guelaguetza” restaurant shared an image in which reads:” No violence. Let’s help to grow in peace, which has generated a wave of comments against the establishment.






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