La Burger is a unique spot offering its guests a flavorful culinary experience. Located in the downtown area or at their Atotonilco location only 10 minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende, they specialize in having the best burgers in the area. Four years ago La Burger arrived in San Miguel, but its origins are south of the border.


La Burger’s concept was born in a tiny town in the south of Chile. This is not your average burger joint, reflected in a curious and enjoyable fusion of the tradition and style of a South American grill, particularly Chilean, and the most famous food of North America: the Hamburger.

Their simple menu offers delicious hamburgers made to order and exquisite cuts of meat with their original Chilean names: Lomo Veteado or the Rib Eye, Lomo Liso or the New York Strip, and Churrasco.

La Burger San Miguel de Allende (Photo:

La Burger San Miguel de Allende (Photo:

La Burger’s grill has three unique characteristics: the first is its openair kitchen, placed in front of the tables so guests can observe and enjoy the preparation of their favorite dishes, the second is that each steak is grilled over a mesquite wood fire providing their steaks with a delicious smoky accent and the third is that each of the grillmasters have been trained by the restaurant ́s proprietor in order to guarantee a perfect steak every time.


La Burger San Miguel de Allende (Photo:

It’s not unusual that La Burger’s first time customers order a burger, but likely that on their second visit they will order an exquisite and juicy cut of beef, complimented by delicious sides and the highest quality imported and domestic wines.

See you at La Burger!