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Diseases cause productivity loss for Guanajuato’s automotive industry

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IRAPUATO, Gto.- In 2016, the labor absenteeism and presenteeism for different illnesses such as migraine, diabetes, hypertension and respiratory diseases have provoked a loss of up to 7.31%, in added value for the Guanajuato’s automotive cluster, equivalent to $1,647 million pesos ($82 million USD).

This figure is equivalent to 59% of the Fund of Contributions for Health Services of Guanajuato budget (Presupuesto del Fondo de Aportaciones para los Servicios de Salud); and 16% of the total health budget allocated to the state.

The study, ‘The Impact of Health on Productivity: Case of the Mexican Automotive Industry‘, conducted by the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research Industries (Asociación Mexicana de Industrias de Investigación Farmacéutica, AMIIF), also revealed that: “The presenteeism – when an employee shows up to work being sick and is not 100% productive – generates much greater losses than when he stays at home (labor absenteeism): 6.01% against 1.30%. The presenteeism causes 4.5 times more loss of productivity than the absenteeism.


Labor absenteeism and presenteeism affect the Guanjuato’s automotive sector seriously (Photo: Periodico Correo)

In an interview with ManattJones CEO, José Carlos Rodríguez Pueblita, the executive presented the results of the study conducted by the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research Industries, and said that this panorama is worrisome for the automotive sector in Guanajuato, and underlined that most of the time, workers are forced to come to work sick,  due to serious deficiencies in the healthcare system.

“We found that the diseases that have the greatest impact on productivity at work are migraine and respiratory diseases with 50%, diabetes 93%, and hypertension 95%,” he said.

He emphasized that an important fact is that workers are not absent from work, since the majority come sick (presenteeism), which represents 6% of the 7.31%, which is the total of Added Value loss.

Rodríguez said that: “More than 80% of hospitalizations are made through emergency services, when the rule says that it should not be more than 60%, therefore it is necessary to make better use of resources to serve this productive population”.

Finally, the ManattJones CEO emphasized that: “It is important to invest in health, because it is the key to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of our state, because healthy workers constitute a productive population”.

Source: http://periodicocorreo.com.mx/

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