Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

Lower temperature in Guanajuato

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The Guanajuato’s Public Security Secretariat reported through the State Coordination of Civil Protection that there is the probability of frost in highlands and mountainous areas of the state.

Cold front number 14 extends in great part of the Mexican Republic associated to a mass of cold air, propitiating significant decrease in the temperature, event of “North” and a channel of low pressure favors winds with gusts, frosts and rains in most of the country.

Therefore, mornings and nights will remain cold with probability of frost in some high areas.


Temperatures in Guanajuato state (Image:

During the rest of the week, days will be slightly warm, partly cloudy sky, with isolated showers in some municipalities of the south of the state. There will be moderate winds and strong northbound gusts.

There will be maximum temperatures in the north, ranging from 24º to 26º C, and minimum temperatures of 5º to 7º C.

For the central and southern zone from Guanajuato, the maximum temperatures are expected to range from 26º to 28º C, and minimum temperatures of 9º to 11º C.




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