Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

SMA Civil Protection provides indications to avoid forest fires during the dry season

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In order to avoid incidents and reduce environmental pollution, San Miguel’s Civil Protection Departament gave recommendations to ward off forest fires that are common this season due to the large amount of dry leaves and weed in the surrounding areas.

During this month, the Municipal Civil Protection Unit has put out about 30 fires and calls for support of the population to follow these instructions:

  • Do not litter or throw flammable materials, do not lit wood, paper, garbage or any other objects on streets, vacant lots, along roadsides, or near rural or public roads.
  • Request authorization for the burning of stubble; if you make a bonfire, do not abandon it until you are completely sure that it is completely off.
  • When the weather conditions are favorable to the propagation of fires (high temperatures, dry land and winds), refrain from lighting any fires on forest areas, even if authorized.
  • When the risk of fire is high, proceed with extreme caution while operating machinery or equipment such as chainsaws or other tools that could generate sparks or electric shocks.
  • Maintain roads leading to dwellings clean; avoid excessive vegetation in gardens or patios and eliminate all dry leaves, weeds or plants.
  • If a fire is detected and you are not qualified to fight it, immediately notify Emergency Number 911, and if you collaborate in the extinction, do it under the orders of someone trained to direct the work.
Forest fire in San Luis Potosí 2015 (Photo: Archive/ El Pulso)

Forest fire in San Luis Potosí 2015 (Photo: Archive/ El Pulso)



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