Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

100 SMA students get scholarships to study abroad

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San Miguel de Allende ­- A total of one hundred students from San Miguel de Allende will have the great opportunity to travel to another country in order to live a personal development experience, thanks to the international mobility scholarships, the announcement was made on Wednesday, January 11.

Ricardo Villarreal, Mayor of San Miguel de Allende, along with Higinio García, “Vive Mexico” CEO, association in charge of this initiative, signed an agreement that will award 100 local students with scholarships.

Ricardo Trujillo, “Instituto Municipal de Atención a la Juventud de San Miguel de Allende” IMAJSMA’s Director; Gustavo Vidargas, IMAJSMA’s Council President; and David Castro, Director of the Querétaro’s Institute of Youth, also attended the event.

Higinio García, explained that this initiative aims to train young people with human vision. Since young people who travel to other countries can learn through new experiences, and leave a mark on other people’s lives.


Mayor of San Miguel, Ricardo Villareal (Google)

IMAJSMA’s Director, Ricardo Trujillo, detailed the requirements to apply:

  • To reside in San Miguel de Allende.
  • To be between 18 and 29 years of age at the time of presenting the documentation.
  • To speak a minimum of 20% of English.
  • To present a participation commitment letter .

Finally, Mayor Ricardo Villareal emphasized the importance of this type of experiences for the improvement the social environment.

“Education is the main source for development, it is important that young people live in other countries such as Germany, in order for them to come back motivated and with many ideas to carry out projects in their own community,” he said.

Selected youngsters may be abroad for two to four weeks, depending on the program and country of their choice; and can make the trip throughout the year.

Vive México” supports all expenses: air fare, accomodations, food, transportation and medical insurance, according to the destination election.




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