Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Executive Taxi service companies don’t comply with state mobility regulations

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GUANAJUATO, Gto. – Permit holders of Executive Taxis are taking advantage of the Guanajuato’s Institute of Mobility. The strongest group, commanded by Fernando García Murguía, controls 128 units through the Wigo app.

These taxis are operated by 17 people, including García Murguía’s wife, sons, grandsons and daughter-in-law Besides, García Murguía is also a partner at Taxitel (telephone operated taxi company).

The state Institute is supposed to forbid monopolistic practices according to article 170 of the Law on Mobility, which establishes a limit on the number of permits granted: one for each individual, and 10 per legal juridical persons (personas jurídicas).

However, there could be some “cracks” in the mobility regulation; since it does not prohibit a person from being a partner in multiple companies.

In this sense, Garcia Murguía and his family have taken advantage of this Law.


Wigo App is avaible on Google Play and App Store (Google)

Online platform or “Taxicab stand”? (Taxis de sitio)

Leon based Executive Taxi Company “Rayte“, is another example of the lack of control by the Guanajuato State Institute of Mobility.

In fact, there are two companies with similar names operating under the same platform: Rayte de León, S de RL de CV – owned by Francisco Javier Ramírez and Jeniffer Huerta Anguiano -, and Rayte Renta de Autos y Transportes Ejecutivos, S de RL de CV, also owned by Francisco Javier and Jeniffer, along with business partners Guillermina Ramírez Almanza and Francisco Ramírez Magaña.

Due to the fact that they constituted two different companies, this group controls a fleet of more than fifteen vehicles.

The question users ask themselves is: Is Rayte an Online platform or “Taxicab stand”? (Taxis de sitio)

In fact, their online platform does not work – at least not in the last days – and their vehicles can be seen parked outside the Altacia shopping center and at the Leon´s City Fairgrounds, people can take a cab there without having to access absolutely no application whatsoever, just like any ordinary “Taxi de Sitio“.

Another company that operates as a traditional taxi service is “Obrero Mundial”, although it is supposed to work through an online platform, most people contract their services via telephone.

Currently the Institute of Mobility analyzes three cases to remove permits for misuse, but believe it or not, none of them corresponds to Wigo or Rayte… Instead, they said they are investigating Uber!  One of the few platforms that complies with all regulations.




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