Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2017

Jalpa de Canovas, another fantastic “Magic Town” in Guanajuato

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It was founded with the name of Jalpa de Canovas, in 1542. At that time the audience of New Galicia, he gave Juan Villasenor a bounty of four places where raising horses and cattle.

This grant spanned territories of New Spain and New Galicia. One of these areas was the center of the current population of Jalpa. It is located in the town of Purisima del Rincon in the state of Guanajuato. They can be found at kilometer 23 south of Purisima de Bustos, the remains of an old hacienda, called Canovas Jalpa Jalpa or Finance. According to the records of INAH it came to a working farm, but that originally it was a cattle ranch.


Main Church in Jalpa (Google)

The remains of this hacienda, of great interest for tourism, are located 41.9 kilometers from the city of Leon and his helmet is in the community of Jalpa de Canovas. The people came out of the mentioned property, when the latter had almost disappeared from history. The population discussed in whose center rises even what was the last house of the Treasury, is projected as a testimony of that project that had, for centuries, Juan Villasenor.

Should know that there are some great near this Magic Town spas, which in hot season, especially at Easter, are visited by thousands of tourists, eager to swim and cool, from different parts of the country. Attractions such as these give way to a mosaic of ecosystems that define the tourist projection of Jalpa and in general the whole area of Purisima del Rincon.


“Santa Eduviges Dam” (Google)

One of the aspects that pride motivates the inhabitants of the municipality, is that during They have long managed to keep alive the traditions and customs. Several typical celebrations have endured over time and is something that really worth knowing.

Activities in Jalpa Pueblo Magico We advise witness the festival called Judea. It is the legacy of a famous week of people, Hermenegildo Bustos. It is held every Easter and is characterized by its colorful and picturesque. There is an archaeological site in the region, under the aegis of the INAH. There have been found remains of prehistoric settlements, and it is thought that this site was eventually find different structures for ceremonial and social purposes, the times of ancient Mexico. It’s another place we advise them to travel as part of a trip to the Magical town of Jalpa.

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Jalpa is a town that is located in the town of Purisima del Rincon, Guanajuato state. It is located at kilometer 23 south of the municipal seat on Highway Purísima- Manuel Doblado, and just 41.9 kilometers from the city of Leon.

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