Published On: Mon, Jan 9th, 2017

León hits record temperature again, as low as zero degrees Celsius!

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During the early morning hours of Monday January 09, low temperatures were registered in León, Guanajuato; around six degrees in the city and zero degrees Celsius in the mountainous zones surrounding the city.

Thousands of citizens went out to work or to carry out their daily activities wearing winter clothing, gloves, headbands, wool caps, fur-lined coat, shawls and sweaters.

According to the Meteorological System, it is forecasted that during the day the temperature will rise above 20 degrees Celsius, but it will decrease at night again.

Low temperatures in León, Guanajuato (Google)

Between three and six in the morning the heat sensation was up to three degrees lower than the actual temperature, due to the wind chill factor.

Throughout the day, the sky will remain sunny, but with winds will reach up to 6 kilometers per hour in the morning and 23 kilometers per hour in the evening.

The low temperatures caused that some vehicles that were in the “Las Joyas, Colinas de León, Jacinto López and Cortijos de la Gloria” started the day with a thick layer of ice on windows and windshields.

The weather for tomorrow Tuesday, January 10, will feature a maximum of 22 and a minimum of 7 degrees Celsius.


Vehicles with a layer of ice (




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