Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

National survey says Miguel Márquez Márquez is Mexico’s best governor

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MEXICO CITY – SDP Noticias online newspaper and“Mexico Opina” conducted a survey on Social Networks to evaluate the Mexican Governors’ work.

This survey has placed Miguel Márquez Márquez as the best qualified governor in all of Mexico.

The study, which includes the evaluation of 32 governors, shows negative results for most of Mexican governors.

Acoording to Mexico Opina, Manuel Velasco from Chiapas is the governor with the lowest rating and the lowest percentage of approval.

On the other hand, Governors with the highest scores are: Miguel Márquez from Guanajuato, Claudia Pavlovich from Sonora, Rafael Moreno from Puebla, José Rosas from Durango and Martin Orozco from Aguascalientes.

This survey was conducted among 10,733 Mexican nationals, who are Facebook users, over 17 years old and residents of the corresponding state.






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