Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

On phone call, Peña Nieto and Trump agree not to talk about the wall temporarily

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On Friday Jan. 27, the Presidency of the Republic Office informed that the presidents of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto and the United States, Donald Trump, held a telephone conversation  in which they addressed various issues of the bilateral relationship, and agreed not to speak about the wall temporarily.

During the one hour-long conference, the leaders “clearly recognized their public differences on this sensitive issue” and agreed to resolve the differences as part of a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the bilateral relationship.

They also agreed not to publicly speak about the wall.

EPN phonecall

Peña Nieto and Trump agree not to talk about the wall temporarily (Photo: AP)

In the telephone call arranged by both working groups, they agreed on the great importance of the friendship that exists between these two nations and the need to work together to stop drug trafficking and the illegal flow of weapons.

The Presidency of the Republic Office described this conversation as constructive and productive, and indicated that the work teams of both presidents will continue the dialogue to strengthen this strategic and economic relationship in a constructive manner.

Source: UNO TV



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