Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

Querétaro will become the first municipality with Anti-corruption system

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Marcos Aguilar Vega, Mayor of Querétaro, informed that his government will present “the Municipal Anti-Corruption System” in a few days, along with the “open” government website.

In this sense, Querétaro will become the first municipality with these characteristics. The mayor underlined: “We are working hard on the development of this system, which is in process of consolidation”.


Querétaro’s mayor Marcos Aguilar Vega (Periódico Correo)

Aguilar Vega also remembered that “In order to achieve the main objective, the Federation made several modifications to the Constitution and reformed a total of 14 federal legislations. Therefore, the State Governments through theirs Congresses, came to create the “State Anticorruption systems”.

In this regard, he stated that the municipality of Querétaro will present in a few weeks, the “Municipal Anti-Corruption System”, an open government website, and the Center for Research and Economic Teaching.




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