Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Recreo San Miguel, takes the “sarape” concept to a whole new level

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Recently, Sunset Magazine posted its most complete guide on where to stay, eat, and play in San Miguel de Allende.

They highly recommend “Recreo San Miguel boutique” to shop fashion handmade pieces. This is an incredible concept store, where Lisa and Michael Coleman have evolved the “sarape”—the iconic Mexican poncho born in San Miguel in the 1700s—with flowing silk crepe and soft plaid wool trimmed with lambskin, so you definitely need to check this out…


The concept boutique in San Miguel (Photo:

In Spanish, “Recreo” means recreate. The Recreo, or recreation of the sarape or poncho, is designed for men and women, using the world’s finest fabrics. The result is a look that is at once traditional and contemporary.

The story of Recreo San Miguel began in the 1700s. The sarape, a garment known for its warmth, comfort and versatility, was first produced in San Miguel de Allende in 1780. Likewise, San Miguel’s textiles were reputed to have rivaled Europe and the Far East for exceptional craftsmanship.

While these facets of San Miguel culture are seemingly unrelated, Recreo San Miguel marries these two elements of Mexican history and wraps them in a bit of high fashion.


Several “ponchos” at Recreo San Miguel (Photo:

Each Recreo is discretely adorned with our brand in sterling silver; the design evokes the weave of fine fabrics, as well as the weaving together of history and modernity… practicality and luxury…  simplicity and elegance.

The boutique, located in one of San Miguel’s centuries-old buildings, is just blocks from the town’s picturesque main square. Shades of white and cool gray combine to create a space that is utterly modern and minimalist, while respecting the building’s historical significance. A private courtyard beckons clients to linger over cappuccino or agua fresca.




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