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Yam Gallery featuring “Haz Tierra” by Carlos Pez

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Continuing with the “San Miguel Travel Guide” by Sunset Magazine, by Sara Deseran, it’s time to present one of the best Art Galleries in San Miguel de Allende: YAM Gallery.

The gallery features a great selection of up-and-coming Mexican artists, as well as their own artists-in-residence.

To kick off 2017, Mexico City painter Sofía Echeverri will be showing her work; and it’s definitely a stop worth making.

YAM Gallery is an art project located in Central Mexico focusing on contemporary art. Situated in the historical Instituto Allende building (18th Century), the exhibitions stand in stark contrast with the baroque structure in which they are housed, with its bold representation of established and up-and-coming artists from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Canada and France.


Estudio by Yam Gallery (Photo: sunset.com)

Current Exhibition

With this show, Mexican artist Carlos Pez gives a final touch to his travelling project “HAZ TIERRA” (“TOUCH GROUND”), a show which has been exhibited at the Museum of the Arts in Guadalajara (MUSA), and at the artsistic residency L’Octroi in Tours, France.

In a casual conversation, Carlos gives us more clues about his artwork in general and this more specific project.

MM: Who is Carlos Pez?

CP: I am a Mexican artist, born in Mexico City where I run a painting and lithograph studio named Perro Bravo.

When I was a kid, my parents would take the family on long camping trips to the Pacific Coast, and this feeling of inhabiting a temporary home has really marked me: I enjoy the practice of creating on the move and set up my working studio in new places.

MM: Your new show to be held at YAM Gallery, HAZ TIERRA, is in fact the result of two artistic residencies.

CP: Yes, I was first invited by the MUSA (Museum of the Art) in Guadalajara to spend 2 months creating in situ. I moved my whole studio from Mexico City to the museum in and invited the public to visit me while working. It has been a rich experiment to exchange with people on the power of art. To me, art is a refuge of peace and sharing. The show has been a huge succes: we had more than 30,000 visitors!
After that, I have been selected to work on an artisitic residency in Tours, France. It is a beautifull town on the banks of the river Loire. There I followed on with the same project, painting, drawing and installing.


Escape Nocturno by Carlos Pez (Image: hipnostaller)

MM: I understand you enjoy working in community and that you have invited local artists to work with you.

Here in San Miguel, I am inviting the artists of the San Miguel based Proyecto Showroom to spend time with me. We will organize collective drawing sessions and the artists of  will have a space to show their work included in my exhibition. HAZ TIERRA talks about the energy you get back from the ground, from working on something you enjoy, and I love to share it with others.

MM: What will you show at YAM Gallery?

For the exhibition at YAM I will bring works produced both in Guadalajara and Tours, and adapt the installation to the space of the gallery. It is all about occupying the location. My work can go from abstract to realistic. I work a lot with my lithographic press. I mix medias, painting, drawing and collage. I use found objects to intervene the space, like installations which tells a story about the place where I am. I will also show an installation of ceramic pieces I am producing in Dolores Hidalgo. I think my work as something very organic, close to basic energies, feelings and sensations. To make one with people and places, “to touch ground”.


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