Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

100 new Japanese firms to invest in Querétaro

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In the next two years about 100 Japanese companies are planning to arrive to the state of Querétaro. All of them belong to the automotive sector, and will join the local Toyota supply chain.

Esau Magallanes Alonso, president of the National Chamber of the Industry of Transformation (Canacintra), said that this interest of Japanese investors was announced by the consul of that nation in the “Bajío” region.

“Right now there are about 180 Japanese companies established in Queretaro and the Japanese Consul in Leon came to tell us that more companies are coming. They estimate that in a two-year period, 100 new Japanese companies will settle in Querétaro” Magallanes said.

He pointed out that the entry of these new companies to the state, is part of Toyota’s expansion plan in Querétaro and the construction of their new plant in Guanajuato.

The president of Canacintra also shared that Germany is another country that is interested in investing in Querétaro, since they consider it a safe state, that features all the necessary services to boost the development of different industries and its production chains.

According to Magallanes, there is enough capacity in the state to receive one hundred new Japanese companies and more. These firms are obviously attracted by the previous arrival of Toyota to the Bajío region, and they have decided to invest in Querétaro as they consider it an ideal place to expand their operations.

Canacintra is currently affiliationg at least one foreign company per week. These firms, interested in establishing in Querétaro, are mostly from the United States, Germany and Japan.

Regarding the current situation between Mexico and the Trump administration, the president of Canacintra declared that until now, there have been no changes in trade relations with the United States, and that this stable situation will prevail until the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), scheduled for June of this year.

Esau Magallanes concluded saying that Querétaro is already working in the search of other commercial partners.





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