Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

4 dead in Guanajuato after two separate shootings against a former police officer

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GUANAJUATO, Gto. (AP) – Two criminal attacks against the same person (a former Ministerial police officer), took place in Irapuato and Salamanca, leaving four people dead, including two teenagers.

J. Carmen Ojeda González, former Ministerial police officer, was seriously wounded in the first shooting, while police officer Brenda Cornejo was shot three times in the second one in Salamanca.

The State Attorney General’s Office reported that the first attack was committed on Monday February 20, while the former agent along with two other people was inside his home, located on Calle Robles 157, Col. “Floresta” in Irapuato.

According to a declaration made by Ojeda Gonzalez, who survived the attack, he was outside his home with two other men (Daniel Vega and Javier Eduardo Rodríguez), who were intending to buy a car from him, when a recent model black vehicle passed by and the passengers opened fire on them. The two men were killed instantly, and the former law enforcement agent was able to crawl inside the house, although he was injured in one leg.

Municipal Police and Criminal Investigation Agency officers arrived onsite in order to begin the proper research, and found dozens of shells outside the house.

Deputy Attorney César Gasca reported that Daniel Vega was shot at least 12 times, while Javier Eduardo Rodriguez was shot 17 times with different calibers, such as 380, 9 millimeter and 7.62 long rifle.



Gasca Toledo said that J. Carmen Ojeda worked as State Ministerial Police years ago, however he was fired.

But this was not the end of the story, because on Tuesday February 21, J. Carmen Ojeda was subject of a second attack, as he took refuge at his sister’s house in Salamanca, long whit his sentimental partner (and also an ex-cop), Brenda Cornejo.

The aggression occurred around five in the afternoon, when two vehicles arrived at the residence located in the neighborhood known as  “Las Estancias”, and several men violently broke into the house and opened fire at will.

Red Cross paramedics confirmed two 16-year-old (a girl and a boy), who were nephews of Ojeda, were killed on the spot.

Brenda Cornejo was taken to the hospital with several gunshot wounds and other relatives who were in the house suffered nervous breakdown.

The former agents are in custody, and authorities said the proper investigations are being carried out; but the fact is that so far, nobody was arrested in relation with these homicides.




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